EfloRO - Reverse Osmosis.  Sea Water and Brackish Water Systems

Eflo manufacture and supply a range of reverse osmosis Sea Water and Brackish Water desalination plants either a skids or as containerised package plants.   All are factory tested and ready to operate shortly after delivery to the client.

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Reverse Osmosis Sea Water Brackish Water

Eflo provide RO technology for a range of TDS concentrations from tap water to brackish water and sea water.   TDS concentration span 3,000 - 45,000 ppm.   Every Eflo RO plant will provide an average salt rejection of 98%.

Eflo SWRO plants range in output capacity from 12 m3 per day to 450 m3 per day based on an average sea water TDS of 45,000 ppm.  Production will be increased if the TDS is lower.

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