Product Data Sheets

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A complete set of Eflo water treatment brochures - 15mb.

Eflo Brochures Complete Set Ver 1.22

The individual brochures are below:

EfloSAF Submerged Aerated Filter 

EfloSAF Brochure Ver 1.20

EfloRO  Reverse Osmosis Seawater and Brackish Water Desalination 

EfloRO Brochure Ver 1.12

EfloMBR  Membrane Bioreactor 

EfloMBR Brochure Ver 1.12

Eflo Sludge-Dry Sludge Dewatering

EfloSludge-Dry Ver 1.3

EfloSBR  Sequential Batch reactor

EfloSBR Brochure Ver 1.7

EfloCT Extended Aeration

EfloCT Brochure Ver 1.3

EfloSEP Oily Water Separator

EfloSEP Brochure Ver 1.4

EfloDAF  Dissolved Air Floatation

EfloDAF Brochure Ver 1.6

EfloGREY Grey Water Recycling

EfloGREY Brochure Ver 1.12

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