EfloSludgeDry - Containerised Sludge Drying

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  • Capacities of 0.5 m3/hr to 3.5m3/hr of 1 % dry solids sludge.
  • Fully containerised
  • Ready to work
  • Chemical dosing system, poly-electrolyte make up, mixer and control panel included
  • Low energy consumption hence low running costs
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Components are in a bolted assembly for easy inspection and maintenance
  • Compact with small footprint
  • Low investment and high cost benefit for reduce sludge handling costs for small and medium size treatment plants
  • 1% dry solids feed sludge and 20% dry solids dewatered sludge

The EfloSludgeDry is a packaged and containerised sludge dewatering system complete with all the necessary polymer  preparation and dosing system needed prior to the dewatering process.

The EfloSludgeDry is mostly used for dewatering digested sewage sludge from small to medium size treatment plants with a typical feed sludge of 1% dry solids.  The dewatered sludge will typically reach 20% dry solids which equates to a water reduction of 20 times.  This translates to a huge savings in transport and disposal cost of the waste sludge.

At 20% dry solids, the sludge is no longer a liquid by a reasonably dry cake that can be bagged or trucked off site to landfill.

The EfloSludgeDry can operate continuously or intermittently  and is best used after the treatment plants sludge consolidation tank.

EfloSludge-Dry schematic

The dewatering processconsists of a static circular drum with an internal screw conveyor. The drum is fabricated in stainless steel using a special wedge-wire screen profile with large surface to obtain optimum liquid drainage characteristics. The flocculated sludge enters the inlet chamber into the drum zone where it is conveyed by spiral movement and is gradually compacted. The liquid continuously drains through the drum wedge-wire screen and gravitates to the filtrate outlet where it can be discharged or returned for treatment. Spray nozzles together with the internal cleaning system fixed on the spiral conveyor wash the drum screen section. Eventually the solids will pass into the discharge section and to the outlet where they can be collected into a container or conveyed for eventual disposal.

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