EfloGREY Grey Water Treatment

Since only a fraction of potable water supplied is used for drinking and cooking, it makes sense to use recycled water for other "Non Potable" demands, such as toilet flushing, landscape and sports field irrigation  etc.

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Grey Water Treatment Recycling

The EfloGREY equipment complies with British Standard BS 8525-1 : 2010

In simple terms, "Grey Water" is from showers, hand wash basins, baths and clothes washing machines.   All other waste water is excluded, so, toilet water and kitchen water must go to the sewer.

If this grey water is collected and treated, then 44% of the water consumed can be treated and recycled.

Grey Water Treatment and Recycling is most suited to new builds where the separate drainage and water delivery pipework can be designed and installed.  The greatest benefit come from incorporating grey water recycling into residential towers and hotels.     Grey water recycling will improve the LEED rating of these buildings.

Grey Water Treatment Recycling

Since treated grey water will be used for irrigation of gardens, often with sprinklers, it is very important that the water is properly disinfected to protect the health of people who will come into contact with this irrigation water, especially children.

This is why the EfloGREY process utilises Ultra Filtration technology.    Ultra Filtration acts as a barrier to bacteria, coliforms, crytosporidium and some viruses.    These are trapped by the membrane and rejected to the sewer.    The treated water is then dosed with a very low amount of chlorine, just as tap water is, for residual disinfection of the stored, treated water.   This water is perfectly good for irrigation of plants.

Many companies offer grey water systems and some are very cheap and of a poor design.    These tend to be simple, coarse filters followed by heavy chlorine dosing.    These filters provide no barrier to bacteria which is why the chlorine doing has to be heavy.     Eventually, the filters block and the system fails.

It must be remembered that grey water contains bacteria and these must be captured in the system.  By far the best way is by Ultra Filtration in the EfloGREY plant.

EfloGREY plants have capacities of 5 m3 per day upwards.   

Grey Water Treatment Recycling

EfloGREY for Dubai Mixed Use Building, 300 m3/Day

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